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"Kate Spry - Spry Supernatural : Brilliance and Ingeniousness. A Powerful Role Model and Leader whom has impacted and Empowered Multitudes Through Inspiration and Enlightenment. Kate's profound and Superb mind surpasses Einstein's theory on Quantum Entanglement and has a built in plasma energy source to travel and cross through multi dimensions and parallels that radiate the unseen leading Kate to being the best Paranormal Investigator and Medium in the World. Kate has Powerful Passion and Purpose with a Zest For People, and Life. Her Humanitarian and Charitable Contributions are of the Highest Distinguished and Prestigious Honors."


Sir Jack Lane, United Nations Intelligence Taskforce

London, United Kingdom



"I am not the only one that sees Kate Spry for the wonderful and blessed woman she is truly.  She is a beacon of humanity and inspires hope not only for people involved in her daily life but for those that have only known her socially or in passing.  She is very charitable and she honors her namesake by her charm and good deeds.  She is valorous in all she sets out to accomplish and this makes her an honorary Princess in any society.  Kate, I would happily make you a part of my team any given day, just say the word."


Daniel W Shrigley

"America's Survival Son", CEO, Survival Extreme

Texax, USA



"A Tour de Force !!! Her Absolutely DEAD ON Psychic Accuracy and Awe Inspiring Skill basically FLOORED ME !!  Have you ever imagined speaking with the Delphic Oracle? HERE SHE IS !!! Plain Spoken, Engaging. Direct, and TOO the Point.  She also touched my heart with her wonderful positivity and demeanor.  From a GENERAL READ, providing her no information, she focused correctly with LASER LIKE Precision !!! My NEW GO TO GAL !!! ( Where have you been all my life?) "


Nicolas C

Beverly Hills, CA, USA



Regarding the observations of a three year old boy of a home I investigated and cleansed...

"What was interesting was my son's description of what he saw. He says when you used your energy the spirits were 'blown away' and then he made a spiraling motion, before they disappeared."



Denver, CO



"I am forever grateful to have found Kate for assisting in clearing our home. I found Kate to be personable, knowledgeable, sincere and empathetic which are all important when you are dealing in a situation where you call someone in to clear.  The children remained in the house the entire time and were not at all phased with Kate’s presence or activities. Kate used modern and traditional methods which complimented each other providing visible evidence for those of us who ‘can’t see’ and most importantly were successful. When Kate left our home I felt confident that our troublesome visitors had left and provided invaluable tips on how to keep a ‘visitor’ free home. Her work didn’t finish when she left but within a couple of days I received more information regarding the evidence she had collected from the house. Thank you Kate you certainly are gifted and thank you for using your gift to help others."


Pamela I.

Denver, CO




Live Video Links and

Radio Interviews...

Kate Spry - Psychic Live 9News
Kate Best of Denver Award.jpg

9News - 10/31/2015 Boettcher Mansion Live Investigation:

     Hunting for ghosts in Boettcher Mansion |

9News Live - Croke Patterson Mansion Live Investigation:

      (3) 9NEWS Croke 2011 - YouTube

9News - Spirit PI - Croke Patterson Mansion Investigation:


9News - Ghost Hunters Make Contact - Croke Patterson Mansion Investigation

The Castle Project:


9News Live - Blake Street Vault: Interview, Radio Archives:

      Guest appearances on The "Evolve Grow Renew Show with Sterling Day"

      March 26th, May 7th,  and October 29th, 2015 radio shows

Empire Radio Now, New York, NY:

IMDB Profile - The Castle Project:

Kate Spry - IMDb

Kate Spry - Spirit PI

Read her story...


A Haunted History of Denver's Croke-Patterson Mansion (CO) (Haunted America) 


Paperback - September 2, 2011


Authors: Ann Alexander Leggett & Jordan Alexander Leggett


Amazon: A Haunted History of Denver's Croke-Patterson Mansion: Leggett, Ann Alexander, Leggett, Jordan Alexander: 9781540221056: Books


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