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As a world renowned Psychic and Spiritual Medium, Kate Spry has been filmed live many times on television, live news, radio, and filmed documentaries while performing her paranormal investigations and communications with the "other side" in some the most haunted locations. Her story with the other side has been written and published by renowned authors. 


Due to the many requests she has received from individuals for help, she has now extended her gifts to the public to assist people with phone psychic/clairvoyant readings, spiritual life coaching, guided meditative hypnotherapy cleansings, as well as assist others in need in their own private homes and properties for paranormal investigations, home blessings, home clearings, and/or cleansings for: homes, businesses, individuals, items, pets, properties, and more....

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" Kate has shown us some of the most gripping evidence we have discovered on our live investigations... "

Denver's 9News


" The best Paranormal Investigator and Medium in the World. " 

United Nations Intelligence Taskforce

London, United Kingdom

" Thank you Kate. You certainly are truly gifted and thank you for using your gift to help others."


" Kate helped my children feel safe in our home again.  I'm eternally grateful! " 



Kate Spry - Psychic & Paranormal Investigator


email: Kate@SprySupernatural.com


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Kate Spry - Famous Clairvoyant Psychic Medium